Thermal pressure hydrolysis

Proudly we present our own LysoTherm® Thermal Pressure Hydrolysis system. LysoTherm® is applied for thermal pressure treatment of Waste Acticvated Sludge’s (WAS) produced during the biological treatment of sewage. Lysotherm® is a so called continuous TPH system, treating sludge’s of 2-12%ds in various operational configurations with digestion.

Sludge’s are fed into the LysoTherm® by means of a feed pump and pressured in between 5-10 bar followed by a heating process where sludge’s are heated in between 140-175°C. The temperature-pressure reaction time is approx. 1 hour. Due to the effects of LysoTherm®, the viscosity during digestion will be reducing with a factor 10. Furthermore, the organic breakdown of the sludge’s will increase leading to a higher biogas yield. Finally, also substantial improvement of dewatering after digestion might be reasonably expected as well reduction on the usage of polyelectrolytes.

The heat which is supplied to the LysoTherm® will be recovered from a counter flow heat exchanging with the incoming sludge flow. The reaction- and heat exchange system are constructed as one part. All necessary heat for the thermal reaction process will be normally supplied by the exhaust gases of the CHP systems where thermal oil will be used as heat carrier.

Unique heat exchange

Our design is based on experiences gained from the food- and diary sector, where dairy products are heated under pressure for adequate pasteurization. Our LysoTherm® system is optimized for robust operations, excellent and high efficient heat transfer as well avoiding scaling and blockages.

LysoTherm® is not using any steam utilities or steam injection. There is not any necessity to install steam boilers or additional heating equipment. Therefore all produced biogases could be utilized for the cogeneration of heat and electricity.

LysoTherm® is built in our own factories and is supplied by a modular design. All our LysoTherm® units are equipped with a dedicated control system (LysoControl™) and a Clean In Place rinsing system (LysoClean™). Our LysoTherm® systems could be supplied in a weather resistant housing which is depleting the necessity of constructing a building. Only a foundation slab is sufficient for a cost effective installation on site.