Sludge treatment

Eliquo. Abgeleitet aus dem Lateinischen, steht unser Name im weiteren Sinne für die Begriffe Reinigen, Klären oder Filtrieren.

Minimization of sludge disposal

The application of our proven technologies for thickening, dewatering, drying and thermal & pressure treatment of sludge’s, as well the carbonization of them, allows us to minimize the amount of fluid sewage sludge’s into an efficient an environmental acceptable bio solid. These concepts all work under energy self-sufficient conditions (heat and electricity).

Our experiences allow us to offer our customers classical sludge thickening, digestion and dewatering solutions as well innovative and economically optimized concepts applying Thermal Pressure Hydrolysis, sludge drying and sludge carbonization.

For sludge treatment we design, deliver and install facilities for:

  • Gravitational and mechanical thickening of fluid sludge’s;
  • Digestion of sludge’s including production of biogas;
  • Dewatering of sludge’s with belt-filter presses, chamber presses and decanters;
  • Intake and (temporary) on-site storage of sludge’s (fluid, thickened or dewatered);
  • Thermal and Pressure Treatment of waste activated sludge’s (LYSOTHERM®);
  • Drying of dewatered sludge’s to 90%ds, using low temperature belt drying;
  • Carbonization of (pre)dried sludge’s by utilizing the PYREG® carbonization technology.