Pyreg® is a phosphorus recovery technology from sewage sludge. The sludge is pyrolysed eliminating contaminants and micro-pollutants and the residual product is a carbonate-ash, high quality, plant available fertilizer.

Unique Benefits

Eliminate contaminants and micro-pollutants in sewage sludge

The sewage sludge is thermally treated and hygienised. Hormones, germs, drug residues, microplastics or suchlike are eliminated. PYREG® also volatises heavy metals and removes these metals from the off-gases with activated carbon filters.

Phosphorus fertiliser approved in the EU

The temperature of thermal treatment affects the chemical form of phosphorous in the final product. The phosphorus in the sewage sludge remains plant available after the PYREG® process because the temperature of treatment is significantly lower than in conventional incineration (500-700 °C). The carbonisate product has a P-concentration of up to 15 % P2O5 and a recovery ratio of plant-available phosphorous > 80 %.

Energy autonomous process

The recycling process is energy autonomous, with only energy from the sewage sludge being used to operate the plant, and any excess energy provided as input to ELODRY®, our belt dryer. One PYREG® module can produce up to 150 kW of usable excess heat per module. Moreover, the total mass of sludge cake is reduced by 90 % (including drying).

See how it works

PYREG®provides pyrolysis of biomass, e.g. sewage sludge. The dried sludge is fed into a heating zone of 500 – 700 °C. The sludge is not burned, but pyrolysed. During the heating process, syngas is formed which is then burned in a combustion chamber equipped with an efficient FLOX® burner (1250°C). The heat generated during the combustion of the gases provides the necessary heat for the pyrolysis process.

PYREG® is characterised by low exhaust emissions. By using an exhaust gas heat exchange system, energy is reclaimed from exhaust gases. This heat can be provided to facilitate the heat balance for the sludge drying process.

Applying PYREG® to a total sludge management concept with TPH, digestion, dewatering and sludge-drying and energy generation will significantly reduce sludge disposal costs and minimise total operational costs.

* Pyreg is a partner product owned by Pyreg GmbH.



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