Process automation

Key-technologies are often provided with dedicated and specialized control systems. Those systems are controlling the processes key parameters in order to meet strict performance requirements and provided process performance guarantees. Providers of those technology are often continuously improving and optimizing their control philosophy to further improve technology performance during the life-time of respective installations.

When ELIQUO is applying one or more of those dedicated key-technologies within and integrated solution, we always provide the ability to keep those dedicated control systems up-to-date by ourselves or their technology providers. To facilitate the integration between these dedicated control systems and a plant overall control system, we provide process automation solutions which are “constructed” according to our functional descriptions and which are not “brand specific”. Programming of all control systems is provided by our own team of specialists or provided from the network of system integrators were we are working with.

Preferably we equip all our solutions with the possibility to monitor and service them by means of a “life connection”. Our experiences so far confirmed the effectiveness of such tool in case of “first aid” and troubleshooting during operation.