Nutrient Management

Eliquo. Abgeleitet aus dem Lateinischen, steht unser Name im weiteren Sinne für die Begriffe Reinigen, Klären oder Filtrieren.

Nitrogen & Phosphate

Applying concepts with high concentrated digestion ratio’s, simultaneously causing a change in the nutrient balance of the waste water treatment works will occur. The application of Thermal Pressure Hydrolysis will lead to significant increase of nitrogen and phosphorus concentrations. These high concentrations of liquor water could easily led to biological overload of the waste water treatment works. When biological desulphurization is applied, also high usage of polyelectrolytes and decrease of the dry solid performance of dewatering will easily occur.

Removal & Recovery

Centralized digestion of sludge’s in many case requires also the realization or increase of liquor treatment facilities. However, at the same time this requirement also allows us to consider the recovery of valuable nutrients. ELIQUO will gain its customers access to complementary nutrient technologies allowing waste water treatment operators to handle their nutrient management at an economic  sound basis. Our portfolio comprises:

  • Controlled Struvite Precipitation (CSP) for improvement of sludge dewatering and elimination of struvite;
  • DEMON® for effective nitrogen removal from liquor water;
  • Pearl® for recovery of phosphate from liquor water streams and production of Crystal Green® ready to use fertilizer;
  • PYREG® for processing of phosphate rich ash during dry carbonization of sludge.

We are offering those systems in close cooperation with Grontmij Nederland B.V., Ostara Nutriënt Recovery Technologies Inc. and Pyreg® GmbH.