By starting 2019, ELIQUO will also supply Mecana filter systems in the Netherlands for tertiary filtration purposes in municipal waste water treatment. Therefore, an exclusive arrangement was signed between ELIQUO and the Swiss manufacturer Mecana in December 2018. In the past years already numerous of successful tertiary filtration plants, using Mecana pile cloth media filtration, were built by ELIQUO in the United Kingdom.

The Swiss Company Mecana has over 45 years’ experience in the development of tertiary filtration systems for solids removal, by applying the patented Optifiber® material, a tight layer of microfibers with excellent separation characteristics. The Optifiber® material is applied at hundreds of reference sites across Europe and in the United States.

The filter units are manufactured “ready to install” in the Swiss factory and are applied as separate module or as a combined plant made up of multiple modules, depending on the required capacity. A  module ranges in capacity from 10 – 900 m3/hour., ELIQUO completed In 2014 the Deepham STW project in the UK, where the Mecana filtration system is able to treat 15,000 m3/hour of effluent. Separate modules are normally installed in steel tanks, however installed in multiple concrete tanks, the largest flow being treated is 33,000 m3/hour to-date.

In the Netherlands, ELIQUO will focus on the tertiary treatment of effluent, in particular the removal of suspended solids (<5 mg/l TSS) and (in combination with precipitation/flocculation) for compliance with strict phosphorus constraints where the performance could be up to <0,1 mg/l Ptot. Normally the filtration systems are installed downstream of the final clarifier stage or of the discharge of a batch wise treatment system (e.g. Nereda®).

In order to comply with the given effluent requirements, various Optifiber® configurations are possible where the diameter of the applied (micro)fibers will vary.  During filtration the individual pile fibers lie flat to form a dense and effective barrier to suspended solids in the effluent. During backwash, the fibers briefly stand vertically, so that the retained solids are easily removed from the fibers by using a “vacuum cleaning principle” (

Important benefits of the Mecana system are:

  • Highly efficient solids separation
  • High throughput and able to withstand shock loads
  • Continual operation during backwashing
  • Gravity flow typical - only 300mm head required
  • No backwash system required external to the filter
  • Small Footprint and easy cloth replacement

Based on ELIQUO’s success in the United Kingdom, a launching customer application in the Netherlands is envisaged to be created in 2019. At our booth during the Aqua Vakbeurs Nederland 2019 exhibition, the product will be demonstrated to our Dutch customers. For applications in the Netherlands, please contact us at +31 342 744100. For applications in the United Kingdom please contact ELIQUO Hydrok at +44 1726 861 900.


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