ELOVAC-P®: Vacuum degassing of sewage sludge trial - Improved dewatering and less greenhouse gas emissions

ELOVAC®-P demo plant for vacuum degassing of digested sludge reduces greenhouse gas emissions and improves dewatering of sewage sludge
ELOVAC®-P demo plant for vacuum degassing reduces greenhouse gas emissions and improves dewatering of sewage sludge

Give it a try: Vacuum degassing of sewage sludge with an on-site demonstration unit

Higher investment costs are often one of the main reasons, why new technologies are not yet introduced on many WwTP’s. To show positive effects like the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions or improved dewatering of digested sludge at WwTP’s under real conditions, we offer a compact ELOVAC®-P demo unit for wastewater treatment plants. WwTP operators in Europe already confirm positive results when it comes to the reduction of CO2 emissions whilst operating ELOVAC®-P.

Compact and easy integration on existing WwTP’s

With its compact design the demo plant fits perfectly into a 40-foot container. The mobile design can be transported on a truck and therefore, will be delivered directly to a WwTP. Due to its plug & play concept the demo plant can easily be set up and installed on-site. It takes only a few days from its delivery to commissioning. On-site integration takes place during operational running, usually without causing any restrictions. I addition to the demo plant, we offer services including: commissioning, training of staff, continuous support and the optimisation of the on-site test operation.

Improved dewatering of sewage sludge and less greenhouse gas emissions

The holistic approach of the demo plant creates perfect conditions for good results with regard to the extracted amount of methane gas emissions and improved dewatering of sewage sludge. Having the demonstration plant running at different WwTP’s in Germany and abroad since autumn 2020 - the first clients’ test results show great indicative results. With ELOVAC®-P the dewatering of sludge was improved up to approx. 3% points (TR(A)KBKopp). In addition, more than 0.4 m³ of gas per m³ of digested sludge were extracted.

Benefits for small and mid-size WwTP’s up to 300 000 PE

The demo plants’ capacity is adjustable to the amount of digested sludge of the WwTP up to 20 m³/h maximum, hence available for mid-size WWTPs. Besides positive impacts on dewatering and the quality and quantity of extracted gas, effects on struvite scaling and efforts for its operation can be shown under real conditions. A regular trial period will be between six to eight weeks.

Only two last trial periods for 2021 available

For 2021, the demo plant is almost fully booked. Only two last trial periods are available for the summer and late autumn.

If you are interested in running the demo plant at your WwTP or if you have further questions, please get in touch with Maria Dittmann.

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