ELIQUO member of Dutch Water Alliance

At the 30th of November 2018, ELIQUO became a member of the Dutch Water Alliance. Gauke Reitsma (CEO ELIQUO WATER GROUP GmbH) and Rick Langereis (Managing Director ELIQUO WATER & ENERGY BV) received their membership from Hein Molenkamp, director of the Water Alliance.

The Water Alliance is an unique partnership of public and private companies, government agencies and knowledge institutes involved in water technology in the Netherlands. The Water Alliance is focusing on innovative and sustainable water technology that can be used worldwide. At their home seat at the Watercampus in Leeuwarden, a complete chain for innovation of water technology is being established. At the campus, scientific research, applied development and demonstration facilities are bundled to serve customers in developing and launching new water technologies.

The membership of ELIQUO is confirming their strategy “Innovation realized”. Over the past years ELIQUO realized various innovative projects for processing sewage sludge and recovery of valuable nutrients. Amongst others, the struvite precipitation facility at Amsterdam WWTP, the conversion of the WWTP Amersfoort into an energy self-sufficient treatment plant including production of a high valuable fertilizer product and drying sewage sludge at the WWTP Ede by using low temperature waste heat, are lighthouse examples of realized innovations. In Germany as well the United Kingdom, ELIQUO is also realizing innovative projects for decentralized sludge mineralization and tertiary phosphate removal. In 2019, ELIQUO will launch new innovative solutions to the Dutch market for removal of solids from influent (sieving as primary treatment) and for tertiary and fourth stage treatment processing of final effluent.

Within the ELIQUO WATER GROUP, the international municipal water activities of the ultimate parent SKion Water GmbH are bundled. This international presence and experiences will be offered to the Water Alliance. Furthermore ELIQUO’s goal is to expand internationally, outside their home markets in Germany, The Netherlands and United Kingdom. Water Alliance will also be used here to facilitate these ambitions.


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