Sludge digestion optimizations

At conventional municipal sludge processing, primary and waste activated sludge’s (WAS) are often mixed followed by anaerobic digestion. The easy degradable primary sludge’s could be normally dewatered more efficiently compared with systems where mixed dewatering of primary and WAS is applied. WAS is normally more difficult to dewater due to its water binding forces.

By utilizing of our LysoGest® concept, optimization in sludge digestion and dewatering are achieved by focusing on the individual characteristics of the primary and waste activated sludge’s. LysoGest® also caters for the patented application of separated digestion of primary sludge and WAS in combination with Thermal Pressure Hydrolysis.


The LysoGest® system is resulting in improved dewatering performance at lower PE consumption for primary sludge. WAS will also be significantly better dewatered due to the effects of the applied TPH technology. Furthermore LysoGest® will lead to optimum concentrations of nutrients facilitating efficient recovery of phosphates.

Benefits of applying LysoGest® are:

  • Increased biogas yield;
  • Improvement of dewatering performance of primary sludge and WAS;
  • Increase of digestion capacity due to separated treatment of WAS;
  • Optimized nutrient concentrations facilitating economic interesting recovery scenario’s.