Liquor treatment

The DEMON® nitrogen removal technology has been developed by the University of Innsbruck and is world-wide provided by the company DEMON® GmbH and Sweco (The Netherlands, UK and Scandinavia). ELIQUO has designed, constructed and delivered various liquor treatment plants in Europe.

Recently ELIQUO has completed the contract for the liquor treatment project at the WWTP of Echten in the Netherlands. The DEMON® technology is converting ammonium into nitrate and reducing the nitrogen loads in the liquor stream from sludge dewatering facilities. By doing this the oxygen requirements of the WWTP are significantly reduced.

Characteristics of the DEMON® proces are:

  • Two (2) stage process where partial nitrification is followed by the reduction of nitrate where ammonium is used as donor;
  • Significant low energy demand as only part of the ammonium needs to be oxidized;
  • No need for a separate carbon source;
  • Patented selection of de-ammonifying bacteria’s;
  • More than 25 reference’s in Europe. In the Netherlands applied to the WWTP’s of Apeldoorn, Nieuwegein, Amersfoort, Echten, Nieuwveer and at the sludge incineration facility of SNB.