Biogas utilization and Cogeneration

CHP systems

CHP’s based on gas engines will convert primairy fuel (sewage or biogas) into heat and electricity at a total efficientcy around 95%. ELIQUO WATER & ENERGY delivers FUNKE Senergie CHP systems ( Our CHP systems are based on own development and application of MWM and Liebherr gas engines in the range 30-500kWe.

Recently we launched in close cooperation with FUNKE Senergie GmbH the new Senergie 500 CHP module, where the Liebherr 9512 gas engine will produce 500kW electricity at an electrical efficiency grade of 41,5% ( In the Netherlands the sewage treatment works Hengelo, Enschede, Emmen and Amersfoort are the launching customers for this powerful machine.

Our CHP systems are supplied to our customers as follows:

  • In a stand-alone weather resistant module (for installation outside a building);
  • As compact module with a sound absorbing enclosure;
  • On a base frame where engine, generator and motor management system are compactly installed;
  • In all kind of customer specific configurations including exhaust gas treatment and/or fuel gas pre-treatment.

In order to ensure a high availability in machine operations, we are providing our customers on request with 24/7 service and maintenance contracts. We are always taking care of ensuring our customers access to a local service network in order to minimize downtime for service and maintenance. This enables our customers to operate our machines on the highest economic efficiency.

Biogas pre-treatment

As an integrated conditions for economic efficient biogas utilization, we provide our customers with design, delivery and installation of biogas / fuel gas treatment systems. In many applications this pre-treatment of gas is necessary to ensure long life time of the CHP systems as well avoid their downtime for damage due to the presence of sulphur and siloxanes in their fuel gases. We provide:

  • In house designed and manufactured activated carbon filters for desulphurization and removal of siloxanes;
  • Biological desulphurization, eventually combined with activated carbon filters.