WWTP Leidsche Rijn, The Netherlands

Project aims

  • Expansion of WWTP Leidsche Rijn by closing surrounding WWTP’s Maarssenbroek and Maarssen
  • Removal solids from influent
  • Dewatering of captured solids
  • Long-term maintenance

Technical data

  • Removal efficiency 30%
  • Dewatering to 25% solids
  • Capacity 1850m3/h influent 2.3 t/d solids


  • Two Huber® drum screens modular
  • Two drain screens, two presses and transport screws (dewatering installations)
  • Container arrangement with three Dutch Spiral containers for storage and transport of dewatered sludge
  • A new building for the entire installation
  • Fully integrated within the existing influent pre-treatment


  • New application drum screens
  • Potential recovery of cellulose
  • High availability
  • The project was awarded based on best price/quality ratio

General Data

Hoogheemraadschap De Stichtse Rijnlanden

Q2, 2020

Total project value
EUR EUR 2.3 Million